Burj Al Arab

The Burj Al Arab is the world’s first 7* hotel, located in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Standing at an impressive 321 metres, it is the 3rd tallest hotel in the world and is situated on an artificial island 280 metres from Jumeirah beach.

The design of the Burj Al Arab was inspired by the wind-filled sails of a traditional Arabic Dhow (trading ship). With its helipad on the 28th floor and a 1,000 square metre restaurant seemingly suspended in mid-air, the hotel has already become an international icon on the Dubai horizon.  

Designed by Tom Wright of WKK architects, the design and construction were managed by Canadian engineer Rick Gregory of WS Atkins. To meet the specifications of this iconic project, the finest materials were sourced, including RAK Ceramics’ Travertin series which was chosen for the flooring throughout the hotel. Featuring heat, frost, thermal shock, scratch, and stain resistance, Travertin offered the perfect solution in terms of quality and design. Its natural stone appearance blended beautifully with the hotel interiors while its durability made it ideal for use in such a high traffic area.

Travertin is a gres porcelain tile inspired by natural stone. Produced using the latest in ceramics technology, the series allows consistent grouting when installed on a large area. With very low (less than 0.05%) water absorption, Traverin is highly durable and also has excellent stain resistance, chemical resistance and heat resistance features which made it the perfect solution in Dubai’s hot climate. The breaking strength (≥ 1400 N) of RAK Ceramics’ Travertin exceeds international quality standards and makes it suitable for high traffic areas. The series is available in 45x45cm size and a choice of 4 colours.