Ceramic tableware Industry added a new chapter with launch of RAK Porcelain LLC in United Arab Emirates in the year 2005. Situated strategically in the Emirate of Ras Al Khaimah, this company quickly went on to become the World’s leading supplier of professional grade Porcelain tableware in HORECA Industry due to its proximity to ports in Dubai thereby able to reach every corner of the World with the shortest transit times.

From an Initial Capacity of 15 Million pieces In 2005 and a further capacity Increase to 24 Million In 2018, Today RAK Porcelain is at a pivotal point, as the company now Is making major Investment to expand both spatially and numerically to meet burgeoning market demands and to target new growth avenues. The manufacturing space is being expanded to 100,000 square meters and the yearly production capacity has been raised to 36 million pieces.

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